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Women Outlook On Extramarital Affairs

Women have accelerated their pace of having extramarital affairs. One of the major reasons why women want an extramarital affair is because she has perhaps stopped fancying her husband years ago. Many women are not aware of what exactly they are searching for until the affair started. They might ditch their husbands for another one because they cannot establish their ... Read More »

Why Women Likes Committed Men?

Reasons Why Women Likes Committed Men? There is something in men that women cannot resist. Yes! It’s their commitment. Women usually like men who are committed. Ladies get tempted to a man who is into relationship with another girl, not all men who are easily available. When you are single, she would intentionally ignore all your signals and hints, however ... Read More »

Are You A Commited Phobic Woman?

Do you think you are not comfortable with commitments? There are increasing numbers of women today who are afraid of commitment. There are so many women now who are afraid to marry and commit themselves to one and a single family for their whole lives. One of the major reasons is that women today have a much larger world at ... Read More »