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Best career options for women with kids

What are the suitable career options for women with kids? As a youngster, you may have your own dreams to translate into reality. A bright career, lot of money and lavish life, becoming famous and popular, and many other dreams may have been your pursuits. However, with becoming a mother, it becomes indispensable to live as per the current situations. ... Read More »

How To Keep Balance Between Your Office & Baby?

Balance Between Your Office & Baby For women today, this is a huge issue that has been plaguing their lives, how to manage between their offices and work and their toddler. It’s a tough job but not unattainable. Babies need a mother’s care, warmth and kindness to grow up. Keeping a full time servant to look after them and putting ... Read More »

Take Inspiration from Barbie Dolls

How Barbie Dolls Inspire A Woman? Ever since Barbie hit the market in year 1959, since then the doll has been busy for ever. Besides inciting controversy because of her figure and making bubble-headed comments like the one about math being hard, It looks amazing how Barbie has also held 100 plus jobs since its inception. Since 55 years Barbie ... Read More »