Take Inspiration from Barbie Dolls

How Barbie Dolls Inspire A Woman?

Ever since Barbie hit the market in year 1959, since then the doll has been busy for ever. Besides inciting controversy because of her figure and making bubble-headed comments like the one about math being hard, It looks amazing how Barbie has also held 100 plus jobs since its inception. Since 55 years Barbie dolls are considered as girl’s best friend. No doubt Barbie is a style symbol. Barbie helps women to bring new things in their career.

Let’s see this
Doll as a mentor – according to Barbie’s LinkedIn page the mantra for a successful person is that work with a person who is from your field. You can get basic information by working with the person who have equivalent education and knowledge as you have. With the help of this information you can set your aim and career path. Barbie has become a cultural icon and has been given honors that are rare in the toy world.

Barbie is a youth icon. She took her inspiration from president rooth handler who is the man behind the discovery of this plastic doll. But the invention is not easy. He had insisted Mr. Handler who was the president of the company. He got success after 3 years.

Packaging of Barbie Doll
Here we are not talking about packaging of thing but we are packaging ourselves in best possible ways. Packaging of Barbie is all about how we present ourselves to others.While packaging you should not forget to endorse the brand. You should also focus on the usage of social media. Always focus on innovation of new technology that is available in the market.

Live your dreams high
From Miss America to car driver, Barbie comes in different styles and pattern. Barbie also gives a unique message that you are a female, and there is no shortage of ways for you. She has been everything from a teacher to a McDonald’s cashier to a veterinarian. Whatever jobs Barbie is in e has done with a smile on her face and in stylish attire. You should dream big and do all possible hard work to achieve your desires aim and definitely you will get your goal.

She’s instantly recognizable, in any of her many outfits. Barbie is the doll that shaped the childhood of millions. She shows little girls that they can do it all, even they can become an astronaut if they wish and do it all in sparkles. Barbie also calmly accepted the criticism thrown her way, and continued to be her, a lesson in and of it.

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