Taking a break from the gym

Are you taking a break from the gym?

Taking Break From Gym

Sometimes, it is the shortage of time, and other times, the lack of will power. In fact, there are several reasons for taking a break from the gym. If, you too are planning to take stop going to the gym or take a break; you should know the answers to the questions below.

How long will the body take to lose its shape?

The time taken by the body in losing its shape is dependent upon the period of time you remain away from the gym. Also, its direct rule is that – the fitter your body is, the longer time will it take to lose its shape. It means, you do not need to worry if you skip visiting gym once in a week. As per the study of the Journal of Applied Physiology; the cardiovascular fitness starts debilitating if no workout is done for 14 days. Also, the insulin level is affected by this. And, in two months, the entire effort made in the gym goes in vain.

Stamina will reduce

Going to the gym or doing workout not only increases your physical strength, but the stamina as well. Once you stop going to the gym or doing exercise, you will feel the loss of strength when you perform a physically laborious task. But the loss of stamina will be felt only when you resume visiting the gym or doing workouts again. However, after a few days gap in your workouts, you will feel tired more quickly if you perform any task that requires physical labor.

Is taking break always bad?

Before you think negatively about taking breaks from the gym or workouts, we would like to inform you that it is not always bad to take a break from workouts. In fact, it is good for health to take some breaks in between. Taking a break is quite helpful in increasing the physical strength. The mind and the body, both require time for recovery. The lack of break may cause exhaustion which is known as ‘Overtraining Syndrome’. If you feel the pain or aftereffect even after 72 hours; it means that you require some rest.

How to restart?

If you took the break from the gym for about 3 to 4 weeks, it is advisable that you start with the light exercises. Thinking about the intensity of the past, you cannot think of restarting the exercises with the same vigor. It may cause injuries. As the muscles of your body are not new to the exercises, you may find it easy to make a comeback to the gym. But the truth is that the sudden and intense exercises can cause injuries.

Also Remember!

  1. If you are taking a break from the gym, it is advisable to keep its maximum limit up to one week.
  2. Even during the break, you should continue doing walks, light exercises, and yoga etc.
  3. The effects may not appear instantly if you leave the gym or workouts fully. However, your body may rapidly gain weight.
  4. If you wish to leave the completely, you should remember to do such amounts of physical activities that can compensate the workouts you did in the gyms. For this, you can include running, cycling, and sports activities in your daily routine.
  5. After leaving the gym, you may feel some pain in the muscles and the joints, but will be automatically normal in a few days.

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