Tips to train the kids to remain fit

Tips to train the kids to remain fit

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Increasing obesity in kids is a grave concern. One of the main reasons of obesity in kids is their disinterestedness towards fitness. To keep the kids fit, the parents are required to take the initiatives. Below are a few important tips to turn fitness into a habit of kids.

  1. Understand the orientation of the kids

The outdoor sports such as football and cricket etc are not the only ones that are suitable for fitness workout. Your kids may have more interest in the activities such as dancing, swimming, and martial arts etc; and, it is advisable that you understand and identify the interest and orientation of your kids and choose the fitness workouts accordingly.

  1. If you are fit, kids will remain fit

The small kids like their parents to play with them. If you play with your kids, or take some time for a walk or cycling with your kids, such fitness workouts will be the part of your kids’ life, and simultaneously, you will also remain fit.

  1. Decrease the screen time

As per the advice of the experts, the kids should not spend more than two hours before the screen of television, video games, and computer etc. To keep them under control, it is advisable not to keep the television in the bedroom. Also, the computer should be placed in such a place that you can always keep an eye on them.

  1. Be their ideal yourself

If you sit before the televisions for hours with chips in your hands; the kids will also not be interested in fitness activities. It is advisable that you become the part of the fitness activities such as climbing the stairs and running etc, so that the kids also get inspiration from you.

  1. Use compliment as a weapon

Compliment the kids for doing or participating in any kind of fitness activities. If a kid suffering from obesity reduces even a slight amount of weight; you should not fail to praise his efforts. Your compliments will encourage the kids. You should keep encouraging the kid even if he is naturally not athletic.

  1. Include the friends

The kids prefer to do some activities such as skating and cycling etc with their friends. If your kids like the team games, you should boost them, and if possible, you should also organize such games on holidays.

  1. Make exercise a reward

You should never impose the exercises or physical activities on your kids. You should always present the physical activities in the form of rewards. For instance, if your kid wants some break from study; you can permit him to do some exercise or physical activity for about twenty minutes.

  1. Tell the kids that the fitness is in fashion

The kids of this age keep trying to follow the new trends. You should let them know that fitness is in fashion, and they can be more stylish by being fit. If possible, you can give the example of a celebrity that always remains fit.

  1. In clued them household works

Get the support of the kids in the laborious tasks such as gardening and cleaning etc. The kids will learn to do the work, and simultaneously, they will also undergo some physical exercises. Apart from this, making them walk with you to the market can also be an ideal alternative.

  1. Turn exercise into fun

You can compare the workouts with the animals to make it enjoyable; for instance, stretching like a cat, running like a lion, and jumping like a kangaroo etc. For older kids, you can also undertake the activities such as dance workouts.

As per the report released by the World Health Organization in the year 2013: 420 lac kids worldwide (under the age of five years) were suffering from obesity.

As per the opinion of the World Health Organization, the kids are required to have 60 minutes’ daily physical workout in order to remain fit and keep away from obesity.

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