Top Reasons To Go Organic

Eat Organic and Stay Away From Medicines


Given a choice between two apples of the same appearance? Which one would you choose? Well ! The answer would be, the one, which is labeled organic. Today, the market is flooded with organic food and more than four people out of ten prefer to buy organic despite of its higher price because it is good for health. Selecting such healthy food is definitely no fail way to shield your loved ones from the toxic pesticide residues found on the veggie and fruit skin. On average, organic food are rich in vitamin C and all other essential minerals such as chromium, calcium and other cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. Organic food contains no nasty additives, which can prove to be harmful for your heart and can cause migraine, heart disease and hyperactivity.

Research from independent organizations consistently shows organic food is higher in nutrients than traditional foods. They’re free of neurotoxins that are damaging to brain and nerve cells. They’re supportive of growing children’s brains and bodies they are far more susceptible to get effect of toxins compare to adults. Organic food helps feed children’s without the exposure to pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Which is good for their averall development.

Amongst all other factors, here in this write up let us explain why you must fully go organic.

  1. Protects Your Immune System: The chemicals found in non-organic food might reduce your immunity level and make you susceptible to illness. Going organic means you are free from all kinds of diseases and lead a healthy life ahead.
  2. More Nutrients: Researches have shown that organic food features increased levels of nutrients such as antioxidants than conservatively grown foods. With their intake, your body gets required nutrients and you and your family remains healthy.
  3. Good for Environment: The government has announced that organic food is good for environment and wildlife as it causes less pollution, less carbon dioxide, which is the main reason for global warming.
  4. Tastes Good: Most of the people prefer to eat organic food as they say that it tastes good. Many of the top chefs today use organic food.
  5. Protects you against Breast Cancer: Use organic dairy produce as it is free from pesticide linden, which is the main cause of breast cancer among women.
Organic Vs Conventional Food

Conventional Food

Organic Food

Seed are typically treated with insecticides
Uses Untreated Seeds
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organishms) typically used
Never uses GMOs
Loss of soul due to mono-crop culture
Not needed due to stronger soil via crop rotation
Intensive irrigation is required
Soil retains more water because of the organic matter in the soil
Herbicides are applied to the soil to reduce weed germination
Rain water is better retained and irrigation requirements are greatly reduced
Herbicides added to the soil are used to kill weeds
Weeds are physically removed
Account for approximately 25% of the world’s insecticide consumption
No chemicals are used
Many of the insecticides are known to be carcinogens
Beneficial insects & only natural methods are used
Frequent crop dusting is used causiong harm to surrounding eco-system and communities
Trap crop methods are used to lure insects away from the cotton plants.
At harvesting, the cotton defoliation process is activated by chemicals
Defoliation through natural seasonal freezing
Food to always buy organic are:
Cherry Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Bell peppers

Include organic food in your daily diet and get rid of all medical complaints.

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