Turn Your Mood On

Techniques Which Turn Your Mood On

Are You Feeling Low?

There are many ways. Some of them need work over a longer time period. If you for instance do what you set out to do from day to day your self-esteem will, over time, go up. However, on some days you just fall into a slump. You feel a bit negative. You don’t care that much really.

It is natural that sometime you get upset due to your personal and professional matters. Following are the tips which can make you happy at the time you feel low.

  • Go For Run – if you are feeling down than you should start running or walking. Running can be helpful in changing your mood. Whether you go out running in the forest or head inside to pump iron in the gym, getting some exercise is one of the most effective ways to add energy and a more positive outlook to your regular day.
  • Do Something Different – change your routine work and start doing something new. All time favorite is to go for shopping. Shopping can make you happy at anytime.
  • Be Creative – scholars said that if we are feeling down than automatically our energy start demoralize. At this time you should do things which you are interested in doing. You can write diary, do dancing and painting also.
  • Just Do It Anyway – If you have a hard time doing something, a hard time getting started, a hard time changing your mood with the suggestions above just do what you need to do anyway.

You are not your thoughts and emotions. They aren’t your boss or parents. You don’t have to obey them. You are the observer of your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you listen to them. And sometimes you just see them as blabbering going on and on in your mind and body. And then you just go. You do what you want to do anyway. If you just jump into action and just do it soon your mood will change to a more uplifting one.

Meet Your Friends – best way to feel good is to spend your time with your friends. This technique is universally approved in bringing your mood in a right direction. If it is not possible to meet them then you should call them and share your worries.

Take Some Rest – take some rest from your hectic life schedule. Spend your time only with yourself. It can be really helpful.

You can try few foods as well to improve your mood Avocados with many benefits that can help elevating your spirit.

  1. Spinach is full of nutrient and it can do wonders for your health, mood and the prevention of illness.
  2. Raw Cocoa is high in magnesium and stimulate the brains production of natural opioids to make you feel good.
  3. Chia Seeds powerful source of omega 3, packed with full of essential amino acids.
  4. Sunflower Seed are rich in vitamin E, selenium and magnesium all contribute to improving your mood.
  5. Few other food items like Samon, Walnuts, Banana, Egg, Flaxseed, Coffee, Brown Rice, Milk & Dairy products are also good for your mood.

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  1. Bahut achcha article hai……really it changes my mood

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