Why Vegetarians Lives Longer?

Do Vegetarians Live Longer?


Our dietary preferences surely shape up our health and our body. ‘ We are what we eat ‘, are the golden words for a perfect lifestyle. However, there has always been a debate about a healthy lifestyle.

After a lot of research and experiments it has been concluded that meat prohibitionists live a longer life than meat consumers. The vegetarians unlike their counterpart are less likely to have diabetes. Vegetarians outlast the non-vegetarians in longevity as there are lesser chances of them suffering from a heart disease.

Vegetarianism and long lasting for some extremely diet conscious people have become synonymous. Studies have proved that a vegetarian lives 5 – 8 timesmore than the meat eater. Meat has often been the reason for obesity among people as it is the house of saturated fat. This makes the people lethargic and tardy. The plant eaters and the fruitarians exercise more. Studies have proven that vegetarians have a lesser probability of indulging into alcohol and smoking, thus shaping them into a healthier person.

The diet of a person affects their mood as well. Vegetarians are noticed to have a better mood improvement than the non-vegetarians. Besides that, people following a vegetarian diet are not the victims of mood swings which stand contradictory to the non-vegetarians.Individuals surely benefit a lot when they chose to go meat free or lessen their intake of the meat.

A study conducted in Loma Linda University in California suggested that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from cancer, especially the women when it comes to breast cancer. The dieticians have observed that people following a vegetarian or a vegan diet are high on fibre where as the people following a non-vegetarian diet are suffering from excess fat. The former seem to have a more balanced diet as their intake of the chief nutrients is adequate.

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  1. Yes it is true, vegetarian lives longer, everyone should adapt vegetarian eating habits.

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