Women Outlook On Extramarital Affairs

Women have accelerated their pace of having extramarital affairs. One of the major reasons why women want an extramarital affair is because she has perhaps stopped fancying her husband years ago. Many women are not aware of what exactly they are searching for until the affair started. They might ditch their husbands for another one because they cannot establish their self-identity in their lives and lack of thumbs-up in their marriages. The state of confusion about marriage in the minds of women gives rise to extra marital affairs.

Women consider having marital affairs as fun. 20% indulge into new relationship for sex with multiple partners. Some try and find love in new guy out of loneliness. While some are influenced by their peers for having affairs. Having affairs outside enable women to renounce their suppressions and broaden their choices.

Few of the reasons why women chose Extramarital Affairs:

Enhances Confidence

Woman perhaps develops good factor in her and feels proud of her skills in hooking up with a hottie. She gets personal attention from the guy that makes her feel important, talks about her personality, takes her to the seventh heaven and thus enhances her self-esteem.

Different Sexual Experience

Many women have the desire to experiment different style of sexual pleasure. This is one reason why they are engaged with multiple people. They are not satisfies with one style and gun for varieties in life.

Emotional Intimacy

Couples lacking intimacy in their relationships tend to bring in clashes in their lives. This leads to separation of souls into different directions. Women are emotional at heart and can easily fall for someone showering emotional affinity on her. In the wake of getting emotionally attached with someone, they fall for that one.

Deprived of Sexual Pleasure

Woman not getting immense pleasure from her husband try to hunt for a new man. She beliefs that her passion for having aggressive pleasure can only be fulfilled by man other than her own husband. Her lover’s desire for her sexually makes her feel more carefree and spirited.

The Anatomy of an Extramarital Affair


All Affairs beging with some type of conversation (texting, emails, chatting) that eventually crosses a line.


False arguments / rationalizations that allow wrong actions to feel right


A willingness to take deceptive measures to avoid detection and keep secrets hidden


The stimulation of intensity pleasurable emotions, thoughts and feelings (driving force behind actions).

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