Best planning for your modular kitchen

Nowadays, Modular kitchen has marked a significant presence among the modern households. However, before installing your modular kitchen, it is imperative for you to consider certain things. You can choose from the varieties of hardware and their techniques as per your budget.


  1. Telescopic

Telescopic is the basic and most reasonable type of hardware in channel. It has the capacity to bear 30 to 45kgs of weight. It gets fitted abreast the basket. A pair of telescopic costs around Rs.400-500.

  • Telescopic Soft Close

Telescopic Soft Close is very useful when it comes to shutting down the basket. We can escape the inessential banging noise while closing the basket. Even if you exert high pressure in closing the basket, it will manage to get closed softly. This channel is available in the range of Rs.1200 to Rs.1500.

  • Codro Channel

The quality of codro channel is far better than telescopic channel. It has the potential to carry 45 to 60 kgs of weight. It gets fixed beneath the basket. Codro channel is available in the range of Rs.1600-1700. Its variant, codro soft close costs Rs. 2000 to Rs.2500.

  • Tandem Box

It is popularly known as inotek channel. Tandem box does not support steel basket but MDF, Ply and PVC baskets that are attached with the channel itself. One pair of tandem box will cost Rs.3200 to 3500. It comes with various attachments, which can be associated with the baskets like plate holders, glass holders etc.

  • Lift Ups

Lift ups are also available in several varieties. In hydraulic lift ups, you will get various other lift ups in different ranges. Vertical lift ups cost Rs. 20,000, single lift ups cost Rs. 7500 and double lift ups cost Rs. 15000. Instead of these lift ups, if you choose to put hydraulic pumps then it will be only Rs.400 to 500, much cheaper than the lift ups. Although they are not so attractive but your objective will get achieved.

Important Notes:

  • Big Baskets Are in Trend

Aluminum and glass profiles equipped with rich and elegant colors can be used to make an overhead cabinet. An extraordinary overhead cabinet can give a graceful look to your kitchen. Nowadays, big baskets are in trend.

  • Shutters Add Beauty To Your Kitchen

Shutters come in different types like PVC coated, P.U shutter, acrylic shutter, membrane shutter and natural wood shutter etc. You can choose shutters as per your budget and feasibility. The walls of kitchen witnessing artistic tiles instead of ordinary ones are likely to give a splendid look to your overall modular kitchen.

Things To Remember

  • Do not forget to put install Chimney and Exhaust Fan in the kitchen
  • Conceal the gas pipe line and put the cylinder in an open area
  • Keep a basket beneath the sync to accommodate used utensils.
  • Plan a toll unit in your kitchen to store eateries and other things.
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