DaVinci Resolve for iPad is live on the App Store

DaVinci Resolve for iPad is finally available on the App Store and it’s just as capable as its desktop counterpart as long as you’re using an M1 or M2 iPad Pro. The video editing and color correction app comes in at 2GB and is compatible with iPadOS 16 and up devices with the A12 Bionic chipset or newer.

Older iPads will not get all of Resolve’s features and some models may be restricted to HD projects. Blackmagic recommends using an iPad Pro M1 or M2 model for the best experience. Hooking up an external display or editing ProRes footage is exclusive to the M1 and M2 iPads.

The Resolve app has been adapted to fit the touch interface of the iPad though you can still hook up an external keyboard and mouse to have a more familiar experience. Users will find all the features from the desktop app including color correction, editing, cloud collaboration and AI-based magic masks and voice isolation.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad
DaVinci Resolve for iPad

DaVinci Resolve for iPad

Users can also import existing DaVinci Resolve 18 projects on the iPad app. DaVinci Resolve Studio which brings several premium features over the standard app is available as a one-time $94.99 in-app purchase.


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