How To Buy Perfect Utensils for my Kitchen? Be Wary While Buying A Crockery or Cookware For Your Kitchen

In this article we will read about how to buy utensils and kitchen products especially how to select the best cookware for our kitchen. If food is cooked in a quality cookware then it’s safe to eat as well as it tastes good. One should always be cautious while selecting and buying the utensil to cook, as cheap quality utensils tend to erode their harmful chemicals in food while cooking. Therefore be wary while buying a crockery.

how to buy utensils

Please refer the below points to start a new healthy life by knowing types of various available utensils/crockery and understand the best ways for selection of the most suitable and healthy utensil for your kitchen.


    Food cooked in stainless steel utensil tastes good with its real essence intact in food. But make sure that utensil should not be used if it’s burned once.
  • EARTHEN AND CERAMIC POTS or Utensils/Crockery
    This is the best bet to cook food in the most authentic and primeval way. While cooking in these pots might take a bit long for food to cook but its tastes real good and healthy. It’s cheap to buy and easy to cook with no harmful chemicals used in preparing these pots.
    Glass preserves the flavours of food after it gets cooked. Also, if food is kept in a glass box or container it lasts longer.
    We all know that copper is a good conductor of heat and that’s the reason why copper utensils should not be used for a longer period of time to cook the food. Fear of getting copper mixed with its food is high when it is kept at a high temperature for a longer period of time and eventually copper gets melted and mixed within the food. While purchasing copper utensil people should always make sure the coating of stainless steel or tin.
    In 1960, TEFLON was used for the first time in cooking ware and it created ripples all around the world. Cooking and cleaning of non-stick is hassle free. Recent studies show that PFOA chemical has been used for manufacturing non-stick cook wares which resulted in increase in number of cancer, infertility and thyroid patients.
    Cookwares made from bamboo are cheap and non reactive. It doesn’t get eroded while cooking food so their life is high as compared to other available options. Its really very amazing to cook food in cookware made of bamboo.
    If a cook ware made up of enamel is used correctly with utmost care then it can be used for a whole life and yes, you read it write, its whole life. Though many items now come with enamel coating but its just a coating which doesn’t sustain for a longer period of time. Its advisable to buy the whole utensil of enamel.
    It takes some time for food to get cooked in cast iron utensil but its healthy to eat as proven by the studies. Even if now cast iron utensils are being used by many peoples in rural areas. Cooking your food in iron cookware will enrich your food with minerals like iron that is very good for your body. Especially for women as they need more iron in their body as compare to men.

    These are the some of the cook wares which if used properly might help people gain healthy food and life. So now you understand about the various types of cookware and cooking utensils their properties, usefulness. Now you can select the best suitable cookware for your kitchen.
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